Cable R&D

Cable R&D

Amphenol Hangzhou designs and manufactures a variety of cable assembly for consumer electronic products, our products are applied in mobile phone, notebook, VR, AR, MR, smart Wearable, drone etc. Cable R&D takes responsibility of research,design and development of mechanical, signal transmission characteristics for cable assembly products which includes internal  micro coaxial cable, discrete wire, mixed cable, external power cable and data signal transmission cable etc. Achieve complete coverage of eDP, MIPI, PCIe, HDMI, USB, Thunderbolt and other signal fields.

Our product is customer-oriented and with intellectual property rights as a technical platform. We capture the voice of the customer and provide the most effective problem-solving technologies to our customers. Since cooperating with customers in the comprehensive innovation R&D field, through which we could keep up with the advanced technology in these industry.

Amphenol Hangzhou cable R&D has accumulated more than ten years of experience in Cable structure design and development, with a good theoretical basis for signal transmission, pay attention to continuous optimization of the process, to ensure smooth and stable mass production. Company is equipped with complete electrical, signal, mechanical, environmental and other testing equipment, from design and engineering technology to manufacturing and quality assurance, we have the confidence to make the project success.

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