Automation R&D

Automation R&D

Hangzhou Amphenol Automation focus on the field of industrial automation, is committed to providing customers with a variety of mature, reliable automation system solutions, has the ability to mass manufacture all kinds of non-standard intelligent automation equipment and fixtures.  

Our business involves the 3C industry (smart phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, etc.), connector industry, automotive industry, medical industry and other automatic assembly, measurement and test equipment defined by customers. 

We have a professional and powerful, comprehensive technology research and development and management team, including structural design, electrical and software development, visual system development, manufacturing, high quality and efficient after-sales service as one, to ensure rapid and flexible response to various customer demands. 

Relying on rich project experience and technical competitive advantages, We will continue to play the advantages of automation equipment system integration technology and research and development in the future development, and continue to provide "stable and reliable products" and "agile and rapid delivery capability" in its field with customer as the center , "full cycle of three-dimensional customer service".  To provide high quality products and the best quality technical services to customers around the world, together to achieve industrial technology upgrading.

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